Easy And Simple Method I Used To Lower My Electric Bills in 2020

May 13, 2020
By John Cole

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“Chances are you haven’t heard about this solution… That’s because (like so many perks and incentives) it was only known to the insiders”

Dear reader,

I am writing this because have finally “cracked” my electric bill situation and I am about to share the solution with you.

It’s taken me months of effort and a good friend inside the government to figure this all out. But I finally have a quick solution that will work for most homes in Connecticut (where I and my family are based) and in most other states too.  

Before I go much further I want to quickly share some critical failures that cost me dearly. Avoid these at all costs…  

Three critical (and costly) energy-errors you might be making right now

First, and by far the worst… complete home insulation. This is the most expensive because you have to pay upfront out of your pocket for an investment that will save you $15-30 monthly – tops. We had to pay $2,000 up front and then $2,000+ more in monthly payments. No help from the government or anyone (unlike the simple solution I will show you in just a second).  

At this rate, by insulating – you might get your money back (at best) in 31.35 years. So unless you live in Alaska – it’s not worth the trouble.  

Second, is switching from one energy company to another (if at all possible)… and here’s why: They promise you a better kWh rate to get you to sign over. And then, once the small print kicks in… they will raise the rates. Sometimes even higher than the previous provider. Been there done that (twice) and will never do again.  

Then we tried switching to gas heating (even considered firewood at one point). The cost and the saving were both ridiculous to even look at. We got quoted $5,543 for the switch to gas heating. And would have to pay up front… again. Not even worth discussing. Glad we did not do it. 

We felt a little stuck… maybe there was no way out of paying these enormous sums. And then we cracked the puzzle.  

Like many good things in life, this came as a surprise. My wife thinks – it’s a ‘sign’ because of how easy it turned out to be once we met Ross.  

How I found the bill solution 

It was a Thursday.  

My boss had just announced the newest recruit – a senior engineer called Ross. I remember thinking that a Thursday was an odd day to join (Monday would make more sense, right?)  

Anyhow, I liked Ross from the get-go, so we quickly buddied up.  

One evening (a few weeks after that Thursday) I invited him over for dinner. And that’s where it happened – he revealed a secret that not many people know. 

One secret for reducing bills by 80%

“You could easily reduce our electric bill by…say…80%, or so…”  

When Ross said this to us I thought he was going to follow up with a joke, because he was smiling.  

But no. He was serious.  

And his advice has been a lifesaver for us.  

You see Ross used to work for the State of Connecticut Public Service Commission – and that meant he knew a few things that regular people had no knowledge of.  

For one – that the State laws allowed for generous subsidies and tax cuts (to offset any costs associated with energy efficiency).  

But even more importantly – they had special programs for people like me (or people like Ross).  

Here’s the kicker.  

They have a ‘Free Energy Program’ (they achieve it by using solar in a certain way) … I know, I know – it sounds too good to be true. But…  

This is not a “magic pill“ to get rid of your electricity bills forever, but this is as close to the “magic pill“ I’ve ever got. Hope this helps your family too as it did mine.

Here’s how it works exactly. 

First, you have to fill out a short quiz (just a few questions to check if your zip is eligible). Then they basically assess your needs and you may enroll in a special program where you get solar panels for your home.  

The reason for this is that your new system pays for itself in generous savings, and eventually, you will offset your bills completely.

Not all zips qualify so you have to check for yourself.

How do you see if you qualify 

It’s easy to check if you qualify. There are absolutely no commitments. Once you answer a few multiple choice questions about your property and enter your ZIP you will instantly see your results. The form is easy to use and takes less than a minute to fill out.

But there’s a catch! 

This program will close soon. Just like it never got announced it’s shutting down the same way because like most of the good government programs it was never meant for the wider public.  

The good news – those who get in now – will stay in. 

Act now 

You must act now… Remember it’s 100% free to check and there are no commitments. All you have to lose is your bills. 

Here’s what you have to do:  

Step 1: Click on your family size iconbelow to instantly check your eligibility for free.  

Step 2: Once you go through the quiz, you will find out if your ZIP qualifies and see exactly how much you will save. We’ve personally seen annual savings of $2,128 on electric bills alone and wish you the same results. 

It’s worth a try – because you have absolutely nothing to lose by filling out the short form.


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