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As a society that still relies heavily on fossil fuels for energy production, it can be difficult to even conceptualize a world in which all energy is produced from renewable resources. Know that it is possible, and our mission is to be on the frontlines of making it happen. We prioritize an educational approach to changing the world, one article at a time.
solar energy panels in the sun


Using the sun as a power source has never been easier and more affordable. Learn about the latest trends in this gigantic industry, where photovoltaic (PV) technology is really going, and, more importantly, get all the answers the common questions people are asking. 
wind turbines


Wind power is nothing new. In fact it's one of the oldest & simplest form of renewable energy! However, it's not easy to determine the exact applications in which it can become a sustainable source of power. Learn all about where the world is at with wind power right here.
Hydroelectric dam


The hydroelectric generators at Niagara Falls produces almost 5 million kilowatts of power, enough to power approximately 4 million homes. This unbelievable power source is amazing, but completely underutilized! Learn all about the amazing benefits & limitations of hydro here.
Nuclear power plant


Most people don't realize nuclear power is, in fact, considered a clean and green energy source! Of course, most of us are all too familiar with the many real dangers of having a plant in our own backyard. Check out our articles on the past, present, and future of nuclear energy. 
Energy storage technology


Creating energy from the earth is great, but it's only as useful as our ability to effectively propagate and store it. We have the propagation infrastructure pretty solid in most areas of the world, but battery technology is further behind. Here's some great info on energy storage.
home energy upgrades for smart homes


Heating and cooling equipment are responsible for a very large percentage of the energy we use each day. As the technology advances to become more efficient, we can expect more savings on energy. We're closely monitoring heating and cooling tech and posting updates regularly. 
electric vehicle green energy


Electric cars have come a long way in the last decade. In fact, some models can go further on a single charge than their gas-driven counterpart! Can our society make the shift from gas to EV? We think so, but there is still a long way to go... Stay updated on electric vehicles right here.
home energy upgrades for smart homes


Left the kitchen light on? No problem! Smart homes can help save on energy consumption with applications that can be controlled right from your smart phone. Set timers and automation for lighting and other home appliances, so they only work when you do.
best energy saving news


Do you find energy, specifically green energy technology, as fascinating as we do? Check out the latest energy news, including updates on smart home energy upgrades, heating and cooling systems, energy efficient windows, electric cars, and much more.

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